With more than 60 years of combined service helping our clients heal physically and financially, Brown & Theis is the law firm you want on your side when dealing with a serious injury.

Personal Injury & Workers’
Compensation Law Firm in Omaha, NE

The negligence of another can change your life in an instant. If you’ve been injured as a result of the actions of another, having a team of experienced personal injury attorneys on your side can make all the difference. Brown & Theis will fight for you to make sure you receive the medical care and financial compensation you need and deserve.

worker holding red hard hat

After you experience a work-related injury, the employer’s insurance company goes right to work to limit their own damages. When filing for workers’ compensation in Nebraska, you need Brown & Theis on your side. We’ll stand up for you and prevent insurance companies from neglecting the medical care and financial compensation you are rightfully owed.

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Trucker drivers are vulnerable to injury through multiple job functions on a daily basis. Vehicle collisions, falling freight, and injuries while unloading trailers are just a few of the ways drivers sustain injuries while on the job. Brown & Theis specializes in representing injured truck drivers and can help you receive a settlement that is fair and takes care of your needs following a truck accident.

totaled cars in rollover accident

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury sustained from a car accident is more complicated than you think. Inconsistent statements, disappearing witnesses, and insurance companies looking out for themselves all contribute to a difficult-to-navigate process. Brown & Theis will fight for you to make sure that you’re taken care of following an injury caused by a car accident.

truck in rollover accident

Truck accidents can be devastating, and the impact they have on your life can be significant. Trucking and insurance companies are prepared to protect themselves following an accident. You need someone on your team to fight for full and fair compensation for the injuries and time away from work during your recovery.

Why Brown & Theis?

Brown & Theis is dedicated to helping those who have been injured recover. We pride ourselves on limiting our practice to workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Because we have a smaller case volume, we provide our clients a higher quality, more personalized experience.


The time immediately following a significant injury that you or a loved one has sustained can be one of the most stressful, challenging moments of your life. During these times, having a specialized attorney who is committed to helping you will take some of the stress off of your plate.


We fight to make sure our clients are taken care of after an injury has occurred and receive a favorable verdict or fair settlement others will try to deny them.

Where We Serve

Brown & Theis provides personal injury and workers’ compensation legal services in Omaha and throughout the state of Nebraska. We also represent truck drivers from across the country for workers’ compensation claims filed against Nebraska employers such as Werner Enterprises and Crete Carrier.

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