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Work-related injuries happen. Injuries at work aren’t planned, but when they happen, what do you do? Even though the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act was created to help workers, filing a claim on your own can prove difficult. That’s where we come in.


Brown & Theis, Workers’ Compensation Lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience representing the people affected by work-related injuries. We’re dedicated to our clients’ needs, making sure that insurance companies award you full and fair compensation for any injuries you sustain.

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation

There’s more to workers’ compensation than simply missing work and getting repaid. In order to receive the full benefits available to Nebraska workers, it’s important for you to know what benefits are available and what qualifies an individual for repayment.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Coverage for Past & Future Medical Care: When you’re injured, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. While you’re recovering, workers’ compensation will cover 100% of medical care immediately. We’ll also fight to ensure that the costs of medical services—including hospital stays, appliances, prosthetics, prescribed drugs, and other necessary supplies—are covered.


Past & Future Wage Loss: Unfortunately for injured employees, bills don’t stop just because you’re unable to work. That’s why we’ll fight to help you get back lost wages from any missed time, as well as future lost wages due to your injury impeding your ability to work.


Permanent Impairment: If an employee suffers an injury and has permanent impairment or restrictions, they are owed additional money and potentially job retraining if they cannot return to work.


What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover in Nebraska?


Most injuries that happen at work are covered by workers’ compensation. Those injuries can include slip and falls, back injuries from lifting, and even injuries sustained in a car accident that occurs while doing your job.


Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?


While most injuries that take place at work are covered, only after reviewing the facts of your case can we determine if your injuries should be covered. It is important to note that just because you have had prior injuries or problems, that doesn’t mean workers’ compensation should deny your claim.


Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury


When you’ve been injured on the job, give yourself the best opportunity to receive all of the benefits afforded to you by following these three easy steps.


  1. Report your injury. First, you need to tell your employer of an injury right away. Both you and your employer may be required to fill out an injury report.
  2. Go to your family doctor. Get any necessary referrals and opinions written by your family doctor—not one provided by an employer or insurance company—and be sure to keep track of any accrued medical costs and time missed.
  3. Contact Brown & Theis. After filing a report with your employer and getting a full checkup from your doctor, contact one of our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers to determine if your injury is covered under the law. The quicker we can begin fighting for you, the better.

Experienced Omaha Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you’ve been injured because of your job, don’t go into the fight alone. Don’t put your health or your just compensation on the line by going up against insurance companies without help.


Contact Brown & Theis today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We fight every day for victims of work-related injuries and have successfully helped those just like you receive the full and fair compensation that they’re owed.